Wivenhoe May Fair

Wivenhoe May Fair

12-6pm Bank Holiday Monday 31 May 2010

12-6pm Saturday 26 May 2012

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Wivenhoe May Fair - Mon 30 May 2005

To say the weather was changeable on the day of the Wivenhoe Mayfair is an understatement. We had sunshine then showers that changed into a deluge with thunder. Out came the sun again but the rain came back just before the fair finished.

Yet nothing could dampen the fair goers spirits. The stall-holders the music makers and the crowds smiled happily through it all. Indeed one stall-holder who was selling little beach tents must have worn a huge smile as people dashed to buy these handy shelters which sprang up like multi-coloured mushrooms all over the field.

The fair was as diverse as ever with something for everyone and for every age group with even more this year for the toddlers and plenty of delicious food catering to all tastes.

I love the buzz of the Mayfair, people wandering around, greeting friends, children dashing about in excitement tripping over well behaved dogs, the music, the colour and the feeling that this is a real holiday different from any other day of the year.

Congratulations to the Mayfair Committee who work so hard to make the fair such a great and memorable day.

Report by Cllr Fran Richards from the Wivenhoe Encyclopedia

Photos by Ian Narbeth

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